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Burial or Cremation?

People have many options and choices of what to do with their remains and deciding on their final resting place and many make their wishes clear before their death.

Direct burial and cremation are the most popular and the most traditional choices and have been for many generations. However, in these modern times, greater choices are available such as a woodland site or burial at sea, or your ashes can be kept inan appropriate urn or scattered in an appropriate place.

For many people, it is not always easy to make a decision after cremation, as to where the cremated remains should go, however local authorities provide the facility of small graves, solely for that purpose.

Two crematoria serve North Ayrshire and these are Greenock Crematorium and Dreghorn Crematorium.

39-41 Wilson Street, Largs, Ayrshire, KA30 9AQ, Telephone: 01475 670031 Fax: 01475 674965

44 Main Street, Beith, KA15 4AA, Telephone: 01505 502323 Fax: 01505 502 323

23 Main Street, Dalry, KA24 5DP, Telephone: 01294 832830


Arranging the funeral of a loved can seem a
daunting process but your funeral director can take care of
most aspects and will give you professional advice regarding
any aspects that are unclear.

The information included here in our website covers most
common queries but Robert Rarity Funeral Services would
be pleased to answer all your questions, help you through
a difficult time and make all the necessary funeral arrangements.