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Dignified Funerals from £1465 plus crematorium or burial costs

In all aspects of the funeral arrangements, our staff will point out the procedures and legal requirements.

Whilst arranging the funeral, we will advise on costs and charges to be incurred.

The funeral itself is divided into two separate parts, the funeral directors charges and the disbursements. These contain our professional fees and overhead costs, which include the provision of 24-hours a day on-call rota, our professional services in making the funeral arrangement and arranging documentation and necessary personal attendances, the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel rest rooms and use of the same until the day of the funeral.

39-41 Wilson Street, Largs, Ayrshire, KA30 9AQ, Telephone: 01475 670031 Fax: 01475 674965

44 Main Street, Beith, KA15 4AA, Telephone: 01505 502323 Fax: 01505 502 323

23 Main Street, Dalry, KA24 5DP, Telephone: 01294 832830


Arranging the funeral of a loved can seem a
daunting process but your funeral director can take care of
most aspects and will give you professional advice regarding
any aspects that are unclear.

The information included here in our website covers most
common queries but Robert Rarity Funeral Services would
be pleased to answer all your questions, help you through
a difficult time and make all the necessary funeral arrangements.