What to expect

Every funeral is different. We work hard to give your loved one the bespoke funeral that you ask of us and deserve.

The Service

A bible or other reading is usually followed by an appropriate sermon. This can be guided by Christian or other beliefs which hope to bring comfort and strength to mourners. Prayers may be offered before a eulogy and farewell. Should you wish, specific hymns or music can be included in the service.

If the family chooses a burial, the committal takes place at the graveside. If the family chooses a cremation, the committal will take place at a crematorium. Often the minister or priest will then invite mourners to retire and join the family for refreshments.

Your Funeral Arranger will discuss with you as soon as possible, who you wish to officiate at the service, and who will contact them on your behalf. If you are unsure, we can advise you on choosing the right person. If you wish, we can advise on support during and after your bereavement whether religious or otherwise.

An alternative farewell to the traditional religious service is the humanist funeral. This is a non-religious, dignified farewell and celebration of the life of the deceased. It is a personal remembrance and ceremony unique to your loved one, their family and friends conducted by a local humanist celebrant. Please ask us for more information on all aspects of this type of funeral or in the meantime visit www.humanism.scot.


Discover the choices and options available with professional guidance and support from Robert Rarity Funeral Services.


To Robert & Staff

It has taken so long to write and thank you all for your care and attention given to Joe’s funeral. I can’t thank you enough for making Joe’s day so special and for looking after my family and I so well. I will never forget the care and support you gave us. Thank you.

- Janette McG