Arranging a Funeral

Burial or Cremation

People have several options of what to do with their remains and final resting place and many make their wishes clear before their passing.

Direct burial at a local cemetery and cremation remain the most traditional choices. However, in these modern times, greater choices are available such as burial at a woodland site or at sea, and with ashes, creating a jewellery keepsake or even a tattoo. These and many more options can be discussed at the arrangement and we will help you reach the decision that you feel most comfortable with.

There are three crematoria serving North Ayrshire, Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium, Holmsford Bridge Crematorium and Greenock Crematorium.

If ashes are not scattered, an appropriate casket can be chosen and interred in a small grave which can be purchased from the local authority.


Robert Rarity’s coffins and caskets are made from the finest materials and fitted to order. We will help you choose the most suitable coffin or casket for your loved.

A full range of wood traditional and modern coffins are available as are environmental friendly basket ware, cane and seagrass models.


Flowers at a funeral are optional depending upon your wishes. Robert Rarity works closely with experienced local florists and we can organise on your behalf suitable wreaths or tributes. People often find that the gentle beauty of flowers expresses personal remembrance, bringing some comfort to the bereaved.


Robert Rarity will take great care to help you choose a design and style to suit your taste and requirements. A memorial is a timeless reminder of a loved one and we can suggest inscriptions and ornamentation as well as illustrate how the memorial will look when complete. There are no restrictions on how soon after a funeral the memorial can be erected.

We will ensure your memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance, a tribute to a life now ended and a final gift to someone dearly loved.


Find out more about funeral costs and the financial support available.



To Lisa & Robert & staff

We can’t thank you enough for your compassion and support during the time of my dad’s funeral. Very professional and considerate. Everything on the sad day was exceptional and we thank you very much.

- The Stewart Family